International Truck Launches Cummins X15 Over-The-Air Engine Calibrations

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International Truck is rolling out over-the-air (OTA) engine calibrations and programmable parameters on Cummins X15 engines installed in their Navistar trucks. The update connects the engine management system to Cummins Connected Software Updates and allows changes to trim parameters through Navistar’s OnCommand Connection portal.

Using these software packages, customers can make approved changes to engine calibrations and programmable parameters on Cummins X15 engines. This lets fleet managers control the calibrations applied to their trucks, as well as when and where they’re applied. Each truck can be optimized for specific tasks using a selection of calibration tables. In the past, these updates required a service stop at a dealer. Now, these software updates can be made anywhere, even if the truck is in service. The ease of use also means fleets are always using the latest calibrations available, optimizing efficiency, power, throttle response and uptime.

This update applies to all trucks with Navistar’s second-generation factory-installed telematics device. This device is used in all X15-equipped LC Series and LoneStar trucks produced since the middle of 2019. While similar systems are tailored to one specific engine, much of this new Cummins tuning system carries over from International Truck’s A26 engine. This makes it easier for companies to manage fleets with both engines. It also works with Intelligent Fleet Care, the fleet maintenance management system Navistar launched at the end of last year. This puts all truck maintenance, including oil changes, tire pressure monitoring, error tracking, fuel analytics and health monitoring into a single system.

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